Supply Chain Data Intelligence

Hindsight to insights.

With the rise of the digital world, organizations are learning to harvest the power of data with Business Intelligence
software and reporting analytics.

Employing data to your advantage has endless measurable benefits. It will let your business make informed decisions, capture unforeseen problems early on, and maximize profits wherever possible.

XOR is thoroughly trained in data analytics and statistical modelling with a heavy focus on Supply Chain and Operations. We can help you deploy and make the most of modern
BI platforms.

So why do you need Strategic Sourcing?

  • Advise on the efficient and non-intrusive data collection methods and help with their implementation
  • Discuss and recommend the Supply Chain KPIs relevant to your business
  • Develop automated KPI reporting
  • Develop and implement custom demand and sales models for your organization
  • Recommend organizational cost cutting measures based on the current data
  • Design and build automated dashboards with simple yet powerful interface for everyday use
  • Build customized reports of any complexity
If you seek advice on Supply Chain Data Analytics and BI, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss options that would suit your business.